Good leadership means great stories

Leadership and storytelling

I used to think storytelling in business was exceedingly hip and trendy and therefore not relevant to serious business at all. It reminded me of indulgent Agency Conventions and over-priced speakers. The over-priced human variety and not the Bang&Olufsen type.

More fool me.

Authentic stories make leaders

Never more so than now. And never more so than with our leaders. In fact I’d go as far as to say now that inspiring stories from leaders will motivate, enervate and elevate their listeners into following their example and doing something both surprising and delightful.

This video tells a story about one of my clients who didn’t think they had what it took to be an inspiring storyteller.

He tells a true story about how ignoring your prejudices can lead to much richness and learning in life.

Was he inspiring? What do you think?

Which leader has inspired you into action with their storytelling