Trust: Turn up, be present

Trust is complex but turning up isn’t

You may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot about Trust recently.
That’s because I think it’s crucial to all leaders in 2022 and that (I believe) we all need to dig deep.

One thing I’ve noticed in what I’ve been consuming by way of learning and inspiration is the lack of one really rudimentary factor in all of this stuff about Trust.

🤟🏽Turning up.
🤟🏽Being present.
🤟🏽Replying to emails (even if you can’t actually do something immediately)
🤟🏽…or text messages
🤟🏽…or WA messages
🤟🏽…or Messenger messages (even if you forgot you ever set up your Facebook Messenger mailbox)
🤟🏽Or being present when you’re in the room (in-person or virtual), avoiding distraction, actually listening. And responding.

You get the picture.

It’s so simple but how many of us actually turn up. And turn up consistently?

I (and others) have posted before about this 2020s thing, “Ghosting” and I think it’s a BIG thing.

Imagine how much more courageous, responsible, productive, purposeful and, yes, profitable we’d all be if it didn’t exist.

What do you think?