Trust & Giving Control

Gary says he believes in Kind Candour

🙌🏽 In my previous video about trust I was talking about how you work on differences to build trust.

🤝 Once again, I’ve been drawn to one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s posts – his latest about Kind Candour. And the reason why is because it’s made me think…

😒 It’s all very well being kind and candour-ous but what if…? What if you find it difficult to find that candour, particularly if it’s the people you lead who you don’t exactly feel kind about?

🤨 It happened last week in one of my fab training cohorts. An attendee asked “What if I don’t like the person I’m supposed to trust?”

So I said, “Ask them questions. Get to the root. And give them control.”

🕹️Control is the only thing you can really ever do anything about. And it’s the one thing your team members really want. And you can give it, without giving it all, by asking questions. It gives you the opportunity to find out more about why you’re not getting on and it gives them the opportunity to contribute by coming back to you.

🤝So you give by asking, with as much implied candour as you wish, and you’re being kind by giving them the one thing they want. Control.

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(looks like the sync-ing gremlins have got to the video towards the start. Many apologies if this spoils your viewing pleasure 😊)