The definitive Christmas Song? Close!

An old chestnut. Roasting by an open fire.

I’m nothing if not eclectic. I like to think my tastes are as selective as you get, individualistic and rarely influenced by the media or other populistic, lemming-attracting, exterior dark forces.

Who am I kidding?

This is as Cola-Santa, department store and Stilton (after one of my fabulous mince pies, naturally) as you can get.

Why’s this Festive #tunesday so cool, then? Because it’s flippin’ irresistible, that’s why.

It’s the extraordinary The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.

The song is epic enough. Lush and lilting, painting the perfect picture of comforting Chrimble.

But this little gift of gold also comes delivered by a heavenly host, the man with the shimmering vocal chords, on a mission to soothe your very soul.

There’s none better than Ol’ Nat to keep us safe and warm these cold, wet advent nights. What more could you want this Festive #tunesday?


Photo by Eduardo Garcia-Nieto on Unsplash

Thanks to The Projects for use of their beautiful sitting room.