Time to celebrate birthdays past

As I move through life and all that, it’s the day before my birthday, not the Big Day Itself, which holds most poignancy. It’s a day to reflect and more importantly, use all that goddamn data to work out how it can help frame the days, weeks, months and year to come.

Don’t you just love a good party?!

This year’s particularly pertinent as it’s 50 years (minus 1 day) since my very first “proper” birthday party. It was also the most unusual, as you’ll see from the video. And if anything represents my relationship with the world, that party and what it stood for most definitely does.

How can a thumbprint of a celebration with a host of squealing, incoherent young people from a moment 50 years back help to define a life that’s still rocking? Have a look at the thumbnail – that should give you give you a clue.

What moment defines you?

Can put your finger on one event from the past that helps describe the person you are, what you stand for?

Was it a¬† a celebration – a birthday, a marriage, a funeral, even an office party?! Maybe it was a quieter time – a brief incident or a eureka moment – we’ve all had those!

Let me know.

Thanks to The Projects for use of their beautiful sitting room.