Your classic teenager kiss off anthem

Northern & Nice

This is cold, damp Saturday nights. Going to a converted church hall with your mates. Laughing about how likely you are to get off with one of those nice girls from the High School. And then realising your ambitions, mooning home with your best mate, then dancing to this cracker on the Dansette (well, it looked like a Dansette!).

This is Temptation by New Order. A dance-y singalong for cool, sallow chaps with long raincoats and Ian McCullogh hairdos.  There’s something deliciously throw-away about it – just a great song to remind you that life should never be taken that seriously.

So however old you are, kick back, then bounce around to this playful pleasuremaker. If you’re uber-cool,  you’ll be listening to the 1982 12″ version* of course 😎🤣.

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*that’s the in the video

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash