Taking the plunge – which video software?

Where the heck do I start?

Taking the plunge with video software

When you’re posting video on your fave social platform the better the edit the louder the applause and great the levels of engagement. Editing is a craft that takes time to master and that’s why I’ve become an expert in it. 🎺

Do it yourself

If you want to do a spot of DIY editing there are countless apps on the market. Here are 6 to get you started. They’ll certainly help you get your videos done and dusted.

Do it with the marketing team

If you see video becoming central to your social sizzle and play a mega role in your marketing you’ll need to dig a little deeper into your pockets. Especially if you’re planning to resource up and team up with editors who do what I do.

So get with it and go for a scaleable and flexible approach and make friends with Adobe. It’s simply the best and definitely better than all the rest.

Check out Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s a great way of editing a video shot directly from your phone. As is, you can produce simple but effective videos with a minimal amount of “finess-ibles”, such as captions, titles and your logo.

Unlike other “do it now” apps though, it offers you the ability to plug seamlessly into the dream team of Adobe Creative Cloud apps, like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop. So that, without doing any more, you can edit your video on your phone and either you or your colleagues can have instant access to that exact same footage in Premiere Pro, the professional version of Rush.

So where are you?

Think about it and give yourself a chance in this Brave New World of video communications. Shoot on your phone, edit in Adobe Premiere Rush and, in time, let your growing business take care of the rest.

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash