Nailing the soundtrack

What’s music got to do with marketing?

Lots actually even though in my humble it’s the least understood element of branding strategy or business association, yet it is one of the most powerful markers of a brand or business. Walk on at a conference. Hang on when you’re hanging on the telephone. Intro or outro to a video.

Brand experience? Your experience

My view is anything linked to personal experience is linked to the business experience. Music is evocative. It lodges itself in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain (that’s the subtle bit). You must have had an ear worm! Heard a brand before you saw it? That’s why the feelings attributed to a piece of music or a few notes of melody can form sticky brand associations. Music can be a powerfully effective way of engaging with an audience, even if it’s playing in the background.

Have I hit the right note?

Excellent. So where do you go to get some?

There’s nothing quite like your very own sonic sound. There’s the Just Jez sound at the beginning of this video and you can find examples from a selection of forward thinking, brand savvy Just Jez clients here.

The alternative to the tailored tune approach is ‘search and pay’ and free music portals. The most well-known of these are probably Audio Network and YouTube Audio Library.  YouTube Audio is the best place to start for those who fancy taking a punt. My tip when searching is to be ruthlessly honest. Take a bit of time to get the right sound and at all costs avoid the equivalent of lift music.

Top Tip

Commission an ident for your logo (the sound and logo at the front of this video) at the beginning of every video. Stateside it’s called a bumper.

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash