What? You didn’t min-know?!

Could you possibly stand just a little further back? Yes, just there. Thank you 😉

We’ve got miracles of technology in our pockets. Of course we have! Thirteen years ago very few of us would have thought we’d be scruitinising ourselves so intensely. And on a phone?! Oh my!

Well it’s a major thing now I guess so we ought to get used to it. We should however remember that our phones’ video cameras haven’t quite got to optical miracles. Well not quite yet, anyway. Which means that the lens you’re looking needs to be super-curved to take today’s most-memed video. Which is fine if you’re say, 6 feet away. But what if you’re right up close – just a few centimetres from the lens? That lens has to fit you all in, so it does it by distorting you, curving your face and making you all warpified. And the computer in your phone can do all kinds of tricks to adjust that curvyness but it sure as heck can’t make it flat. Not when you’re up so close, anyway.

Some of don’t seem to care. Scroll down your Insta feed – you’ll see what I mean. But are you sure you want to be warpified? That person over there might have been your next client!

The solution is very simple. Get yourself a tripod! And it doesn’t have to be a super-dooper tripod which takes up space and minutes to erect. Just a little table one, like the one I’m holding in the vid or one of those grippy, spider-y, gorilla-pod things. Put it 3-feet or more away from you, as much on a level with you face as you can and press the button. Better still, set the time delay, press the button – that’s what I do! It gives you more time to settle yourself.

There you go! Perfect! And you have some space around you, what’s more, to put yourself into perspective! And don’t you look just warplessly fabulous!

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash