The company you keep

Do you work near other businesses?

Perhaps you work in a co-working space or maybe a tech hub or serviced offices.

Even if you don’t, you’re bound to know easy-to-approach businesses – clients, suppliers or even competitors.

If you’re looking for juicy subject matter for your video, start with what’s on your doorstep or the next desk or down the corridor. You know. Your neighbours or associates. Find out what they do and where they’re at. Paints a picture. Shows that indeed you keep the very best company with some rather interesting top-of-the-hoop characters. That undoubtedly speaks volumes.

So why don’t you interview them? And while you’re at it, brand it up a bit – theme it a little.

Here’s one from a series I prepared earlier. Welcome to #tellmeabout, an occasional series of videos about Just Jez’s neighbours.

Please welcome @totallyhela, who has a passion for pre-loved gladrags. She wears a number of hats and here she’s wearing her #shoestringstylist one. Naturally enough, she’s bedecked in charity gear.

Photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash