One of my infinitely irresistible favourites? It’s obvious.

The food of love forever

This little beauty is a rip snorter. A sublime bit of pop from 36 autumns ago. Well, it was for me, anyway!  I might have bought the wrong single instead originally but, hey, you don’t have to know that 😉.

This #tunesday is Scottish. In so many ways. And to a Southern Jessie like me it was all-the-more exotic for that. Images of young, pale and beautiful Scottish youths in a pub-club on the seafront somewhere near Glasgow drinking McEwan’s and smoking Gauloises or something. And it’s all very cold and wet and generally excitingly fantastic.

This tune is called “Oblivious”, it’s by Aztec Camera and it’s the only dangerously acoustic song I know. Exciting, vital, swoonsome, sexy, with lyrics that are so uber-cool (in an early eighties way, anyway) it makes you deliriously melancholic.

So lie back, think of Scotland and enjoy a wonderful watercooler winner this #tunesday.

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Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash