Wouldn’t it be fab if you could be memorable sonically?

Sonically speaking

Some of the memorable brands are memorable sonically. In the glory days of advertising (that’s the 70s, btw 😉), the earworms of the day were attached to the songs, tunes and jingles of false mash, floor scent (!!) chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

You couldn’t get them out of your head, like you were similarly anchored to the many-&-various TV show theme tunes  (that one’s quite random – it’s just one of the most memorable).

Music triggers so much. And a brand that’s sonically attuned is that much more memorable. Here’s the view of a branding expert who’s very much in the now, just in case you think I’m just using this post as an excuse for more nostalgia. Which, of course, I am.

So why don’t you commission your own? Tune, that is. And if you want to know how you might go about doing it properly, take a look at some of Just Jez’s brand video & music commissions, then get in touch!

Photo by Tracy Thomas on Unsplash (amended with thanks)