This is just pure honey

The food of love volume 2

Can’t help it. I adore music. It’s turned me into a bit of a geek. If I can’t sleep I’ll roll over, hit the phone wearily and salve my soul with some music documentary or other from 6 Music from Auntie.

Wherever I can, I’ll incorporate it within productions for clients. From walk-on music for presenters and professional speakers to background music for video montages and idents (UK) / bumpers (US), it’s a wonderful way of creating a memorable take out for your audience and an irresistible brand booster.

So Tuesday, naturally enough, is #tunesday. And this gorgeous gem is a goldie-oldie from another era. It’s Fly Me to the Moon, as sung by the smooth-as-honey-&-silk Julie London. It’s an open top old Jag, preferably meandering round a cliff in the South of France (ok, the Cotswolds then), it’s cocktails on the terrace, a moonlit beach-for-two. And yes if you’re feeling up for it, a jaunt amongst the stars, Jupiter & Mars.

Then refreshed to the desk, back on duty and ready to crack on.

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Photo by Simon Noh