…or any other day, come to think of it

The food of love

I’m a bit of a music nut. Apparently when I was still in nappies I used to stare boogie-eyed and rapt at the gogglebox, watching The Monkees and loving every second. No genre goes without a quick listen – Gregorian chant, trap, cool jazz, yacht rock, Motown, Soul, power pop, grime. From glorious indulgence to mere fascination, there’s never a day without music, whether listening to it or discovering how it came about.

So I can’t resist it. And every Tuesday (or thereabouts) I publish my recommendations for seriously sizzling songs, which you can find suitably sorted on the iamjustjez Spotify playlist.

This one’s a corker. An old-school punky, speed-addled anthem from 1978 – “Another Girl, Another Planet“, by The Only Ones.

Check the playlist out.