Sonic branding part I

Music for millionaires

How many “things” can you identify by sound alone?

A piece of music, perhaps.

Something which reminds you of something in your past – maybe where you were, who you were with, what you were doing – running, walking, sitting, sleeping, eating.

Music identifies something. You can identify a TV programme by its music. Or a brand.

Present ones, like Nike, Danone, Netfilx, BBC News or Intel. Or past ones like the Windows 95┬ástartup sound. Remember that one? That one had a famous composer attached – Brian Eno.

­čÄÁMusic is a much ignored part of a brand’s identity. You have pictures, typography and nowadays video so why the heck shouldn’t you include music in the brand toolkit? Music has been proven to be a wonderful identifier and audience-galvanising medium.

­čĺŞToday’s video touches on that by way of tribute to the late Matthew Strachan, who composed the music for a very well-known TV franchise brand – “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

What’s your most memorable sonic branding?

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