Charisma #5 – Storytelling

A Storyteller’s Charm

Charisma is channeled through stories. Or anecdotes, as I like to think of when I’m thinking of my mum and dad.

🪑Mum even had a storytelling chair. It was a high back, elegant thing, like a cosy throne.

📺She’d tell us stories from the recent past – gossip from the neighbourhood (a wee bit more salacious as we got older) and stories from further back about the forties and fifties and what it was like to be in the company of eccentric geniuses at the BBC.

👨Dad would normally wrap his stories around life messages.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Like “being a good neighbour is more than just asking ‘how are you?'”.

📖Who in your life is or was a great storyteller?

💖Do they have charisma?

I bet they do.