The MTT Podcasts

Podcasts with a difference. That make a difference.

This is the story of a podcast. No, actually. Two podcasts.

I have two brand new podcasts, my very first two. And it’s taken me 15 years to publish them. Well, to get around to publishing them.

I hope you like them.

📻The first is the My True Talent Podcast – talented people in business with something relevant and inspiring to say. So far we have the wonderful Lise KeeneyPamela MuñozRob Morley and Jack De Wolf (he/him/his) up there, each one utterly edifying, eloquent and really quite excellent.
🔗 https://bit.ly/mtt_podcast

🎙️The second is The Comms Show – an idea developed straight after I’d recorded The My True Talent Podcast with the charismatic chatterer Rasheed Ogunlaru – speaker, author and coach. 5 nugget-shaped, quality minutes of informed opinion that may well help you traverse the travails of social media and all that stuff.
🔗 https://lnkd.in/gAqSwka9

If you have any questions about these great people, would like to know more about podcast and audio delights in business (that’s what I do for other people by the way) or would like to be on a My True Talent or Comms Show podcast in the future, please do let me know.