Charisma – brass tacks #1

It’s time to de-clutter

In the last vlog I was talking about charisma, what it was and that it could, in my opinion, be developed, rather than “just be”.

This time I’m going to touch on what I think are the most important elements of charisma and how they can contribute to its development.

Tip #1 is entitled “Put that phone down!”. So, whether in a discrete huddle or in a public forum, virtually or live…

😶‍🌫️Put everything down.
📴Phone, notes, things to fiddle with
🌃That will help to clear you head
😇Once you’ve de-cluttered environment and mind, you’ll be in the moment and ready to shine

How often have you been distracted today?

Is that what’s holding you back from being your very own charismatic magnet?