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Are you speaking to your audience AT STREET LEVEL?

Often, as business leaders, advisers, coaches, trainers, consultants and service providers we get so enthusiastic about our hypotheses about culture and processes that we get a little wrapped up in the theory and forget that people connect with easygoing, natural language and behaviours.

If you’re explaining something to anyone, whether it’s in a pre-recorded marketing promotion, zoom call or conference, keep it at street level.

🚌The person on the bus you’ve just started up a conversation with
🤼Your best friend in the bar, pub or park
🧑‍💼Your colleagues before a meeting
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Your kids when you get in from work
👭 Your partner when discussing plans for the weekend

Next time I’ll be talking about how you get to street level.

Are you at street level with your audience?

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