Amrita & Jez: Storytelling – Communicate through Change Part II

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A Change is Gonna Come

Thursday 5th May 2020, 1pm. This is no ordinary business webinar.

Putting The Message Across is at the heart of what we do.  In this session we’re going to be talking all about change and how to communicate through it, by it and with it. Part II.

Amrita will be explaining how to manage change as your environment changes, specifically when lockdown eases, and showcasing some useful tools to help you get through it.

And Jez will be showing you how to adapt to that and any other changes that occur in the outside world.

As ever, we want you to be in the driving seat as much as possible. So, for starters, you decide how much you want to pay for our help.

So donate away and join us for an fascinating hour of discovery.


Keeping your team feeling good, well-connected and ready to keep on delivering is likely to be pretty high on your agenda right now. The time you spend with your team is more important than ever, as you work to ensure you keep everybody’s mental wellbeing in tip-top condition.

Amrita & Jez are in the business of using communication to make life better and they want to give you the tools to run virtual meetings that will leave your team energised, supported, and with a big smile on their faces.


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